How Much Does It Cost to Run a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System?

Do you know how much electricity your air conditioner is using? While you may think your air conditioner is using a lot of electricity, it actually doesn’t cost as much. A recent survey found that many Aussie households have reduced their monthly energy bills when using their air conditioning. In this study, 7 out of 10 respondents (69%) think that air conditioning is the most significant contributor to their electricity bill. That’s why it’s not so much of a surprise that around half (45%) claim that energy-efficiency was their main deciding factor when choosing for an air conditioner. That’s why in this article we’re going to go over the actual cost of running a reverse cycle air conditioner and why it’s one of the least energy-consuming ACs out there. For more information about the topic, visit now.


You can look for the wattage of an air conditioner on its specifications. This information would let you calculate your annual appliance running costs if you chose that type of air conditioner. For the meantime, here’s our breakdown of the stats on electricity costs. Whether you’re using your air conditioner for cooling or heating, we have estimated an average electric usage charge of around 36c/kWh for these calculations. So, how much does it really cost to run a reverse cycle air conditioner?


Cost to Run a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner for Cooling

According to our calculations – which is also available at, the average price is around $0.26 – $0.36 per hour to run your air conditioner for cooling. These numbers can tweak depending on the size of the room. A medium-sized room of 36 square metres would cost $0.37 – $0.71 per hour to run. In larger areas that are more than 50 square metres, the rate will cost between $0.03 – $0.97 per hour.


Cost to Run a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner for Heating

The average cost of using a reverse cycle air conditioner for heating purposes is around $0.14 – $0.37 per hour. In contrast, an electric radiant heater costs about the same rate at $0.37 per hour. The same goes with an electrical panel heater at $0.44. However, neither of these mentioned heating systems can heat a larger area. A gas heater costs more at $0.44 – $0.52 per hour.


These are the current rates of using a reverse cycle air conditioner. As you can see, they’re not as expensive compared to other cooling and heating systems. For more information and the actual breakdown, check out