Frequently Asked Questions About the Driving Theory Test

Are you planning to take the driving theory test? You might have a lot more questions than answers about this exam. For starters, the theory test is one of two exams that you need to pass – the other one being the practical exam – before you can earn your license. However, before booking a practical driving test, you need to take the driving theory test first. Thats why this test is absolutely crucial if you want to earn your license right away.

We want to help you prepare and get started with your journey towards earning that coveted license. Thats why in this article, were answering some of the most frequently asked questions.

Where can I take the driving theory test?

driving-theory-testThe driving theory test is provided by a local Driver and Vehicle Service Centre or regional agent. This test will assess your understanding of the road rules in your respective state. The governing body thats responsible for issuing your drivers license will depend on your respective state. For instance, if you live in Western Australia, youll be able to claim your license at the Department of Transport. If youre in New South Wales, you can claim your license at Roads and Maritime Services.

How much does the test cost?

The current fee for a driving theory test here in Australia is AU$20. Make sure you specify the test during your application. There have been multiple instances where drivers mistakenly chose the wrong test and ended up paying more than what theyre supposed to pay. For instance, a DriveSafe NT driver educational enrolment exam costs AU$110. Not only are you choosing the wrong exam, but youre also paying a hefty sum for it. So make sure you choose the right type of test.

How is the driving theory test taken?

The theory test is taken on a computer at an official drivers permit test centre. It will consist of two individual tests which must be taken on the same day. The first test comprises multiple-choice questions and is based primarily on the rules of the road. The second test is the Hazard Perception Test, which is all about overcoming various road challenges.

What is the passing grade for the driving theory test?

The current passing mark for the driving theory test here in Australia is 43 correct answers out of 50 multiple-choice items.

For the Hazard Perception Test, you need to score 44 correct answers out of 75 total answers. As of 2020, the passing rate for the exam is around 47.7%. That means over half of test-takers will fail. 

If you dont want to be among the 52.3% that failed, you must study and practice thoroughly. There are various learners practice tests and other valuable resources that you can find online. Keep in mind that preparation is key when it comes to passing this illustrious exam.