Seeking Help and Treatment from a Hip Surgeon

Hip issues and pain are prevalent. Most people have some form of pain in their hips. Many times, a doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory medications as well as other non-prescription medications to help relieve the pain and prevent more severe problems down the road. However, there are many causes of hip pain.

The most common cause is severe joint damage that occurs over time. Such could include a slip or fall, an injury caused by an automobile accident, or a broken bone. It may also be caused by arthritis, sprain, or herniated disc. Some people may have a combination of joint issues and hip problems that can create pain in their hips as well.

Other causes of hip problems are degenerative diseases that are common in older adults, such as osteoarthritis. Some patients with these types of illnesses have pain in the hips. And they may have difficulty walking due to the pain in their hips.

Often, even a seemingly harmless issue can be a sign of an underlying issue that needs to be evaluated by the Best Hip Surgeon Adelaide. Still, a doctor can often get an idea about what may be causing the pain or problem by observing your general behaviour.

Hip disorders may be caused by a problem that can be solved with medication or a physical therapy program.

Some aspects can lead to a person necessitating hip surgery. The most common is a torn or degenerated disc. Other conditions include degenerative disease, arthritis, or a herniated disc that needs to be treated. In these cases, a physician can often take x-rays, take an MRI or ultrasound to evaluate the type of injury and determine the best treatment to correct the problem.

You may not need to go through a hip surgery right away. But don’t forget that early detection of any potential issues can save your life.

Most physicians will begin treating the symptoms of a hip disorder by looking at the posture. It would greatly help if you tried to get some exercise. That is especially true of the buttocks area. Walking around the neighbourhood is another ideal way to get some movement into your body, and also improves your posture.

There are other treatment options available for conditions that involve the hips. If you have arthritis, a doctor will likely want to determine if you require anti-inflammatory medication and prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. If the condition is so bad that it does not improve with anti-inflammatory medications, then it may be necessary for the Best Hip Surgeon Adelaide remove the affected hip joint.

Surgery to fix a dislocated hip is another available option. Sometimes the joint can be repaired through surgery after some time, although it will be held in place by a cast or brace. The surgeon will make sure the bone heals appropriately by reshaping the joint and adding bone to the damaged area.

If the bone cannot be fixed, surgery may be required to create a new zone for the area. Often, this type of surgery is performed to repair cartilage that has worn away over time.